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One of the many things that I have learned through The Challenge and my journey is the understanding that food is fuel. Sure food is yummy and there are lot of temptations, indulgences, those food items that will make us act completely irrational, but at the end of the day, food is fuel. The more and more I do with regards to fitness, whether it be a workout with the great people at Quest Performance or if I am training for a long distance cycling event, is that the quantity AND quality of my fu . . . [View Full]
Hello Folks,     In week  #8, my goal was to learn about about the food that I should be eating more and more that are nutrient rich foods a.k.a. 'super foods' and how do I make it part of my daily food. By now, I know how to make the distinction between foods that can help me meet my calorie goal but may not help me with the nutrient my body needs.   So this week, with our registered dietician Rachel Pilkinton, my wife Leena joined me in visiting local Publix on Moores lane. It was re . . . [View Full]
A wonderful Easter celebration with friends and family.  The easter baskets are a favorite of mine to gather and give.  Can I just say Mountain High Outfitters was a hit for dresses and shirts.  Four children ages ranging from 14-21 it is a one stop shop!!  It is so easy to buy something that I would like myself - I debate applying for a job every time I am in the store - love it!  Mountain High Outfitters Facebook: http://www.mountainhighoutfit . . . [View Full]
I am sorry to say this was me. I could have been the poster child for someone who was self-medicating with food.   I ate to cope with all life’s issues’ that I had been dealt with. I ate to numb the pain. Any emotion was an excuse to eat.. sad, happy, nervous, you name it, it gave me the green light to eat. And eat I did. I also did not exercise. Oh, I would think of it each day, but that was as far as I got. I kept telling myself that I was too busy, that all I needed to do was to eat  . . . [View Full]
If I have to choose between eating less tasty comfort food in a calorie counting exercise, or eating healthy food, that choice is an easy one. During the Be Healthy Challenge, sponsored by Swiftwick and Mountain High Outfitters we have used an APP called My Fitness Pal.  It's helpful.  More of a pain than an asset, but it does remind you to measure consumption.   More important to me than calories, are the ingredients in the food I eat.  I choose something packaged by God, and if I'm l . . . [View Full]
    Week 8 and I almost didn't make it. Thanks to my awesome team at Prairie Life Fitness and the Brentwood Home Page's Be Healthy Challenge, they helped me get "back" on track. Pun intended! This week, not only did I get back to working out, but we got to take a fabulous tour at Publix with Be Healthy Challenge's Registered Dietician, Rachel Pilkinton to see what was really going on with some of the choices and I couldn't believe that not all yogurt contains live cultures!  You have  . . . [View Full]
When I was in my 20's the big healthy and diet message was - "Eat foods low in fat".  Everyone was checking labels for fat content but not much else.  Well, Tootsie Rolls and Junior Mints are low in fat but I am certain they don't contain many nutrients our bodies really need!  Fast forward to 2014…. organic, GMO, high fructose corn syrup, gluten free, 100% natural, whole grain, processed…. words we see everyday regarding our food supply…. makes my head spin!  And then there is that  . . . [View Full]
One may think a calorie is a calorie, no matter how you eat it.   The assumption that calories-in/calories-out equation is the magic formula if one wanted to lose weight. I was under the assumption that types of foods eaten were not necessarily important, but the caloric contribution of the food was the key. However, I recently acquire new knowledge debunking the calorie myth. The continuous quest of a low-carb diet along with the low glycemic index food will yield the outcome of healthy eat . . . [View Full]
ANDI ScoresEver wonder what that kale is doing for your body? Well an ANDI score is a great way to figure out how healthy a product is for you. Whole Foods has done a great job implementing this system into their stores. The ANDI scoring system was created by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, founder of Eat Right America. It analyzes the amount ofnutrients in a food, pretty much lets you know is this worth eating. The higher the score the better that item is for you. Whole foods (meaning unprocessed foods) like . . . [View Full]
    I asked the Easter Bunny for red or purple Swiftwick socks. But alas he had already visited earlier this month when my niece and nephew were in town. So I took matters into my own hands this week and visited MOAB Bike Shop. As you can see, they have everything a bicycle enthusiast could possible want. As I was talking to Thad (pictured here) the conversation turned to food, which it often does with me these days because I am really trying hard to figure this out. Thad is training for a . . . [View Full]

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