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As I decided to be a part of the Brentwood Homepage’s  Be Healthy Challenge one of the things that scared me the most was the thought of trying to find a sponsor. I talked with several businesses and worked with my Brentwood Homepage partner Vannie but had several rejections. When you are trying to take on something as huge as this challenge rejection is hard, but Vannie didn't let me give up. As we were down to the last days to find a sponsor we got word that USA Baby and Big Kids, Too wou . . . [View Full]
    Friday my Sponsor, Dennis Wyatt, Executive Level IBO for the newly launched Remeverse Skincare System visited us our Brentwood Homepage, Be Healthy Challenge Team at The Maryland Farms YMCA. This new skincare system is locally owned, born and bred right here in Franklin, TN. Each of my team mates received free samples of this new product and are very excited to try it. Bonnie Dalager my team mate of three years said "I can really tell a difference in your skin!" The same day I had a f . . . [View Full]
Approximately four weeks ago, I began the Be Healthy Challenge by committing to working out at the Maryland Farms YMCA three times a week with one of the trainers, Eric.  I was given this opportunity through the sponsorship of 9-Fruits Smoothies.  I set several measurable goals.  One of those goals was to lose approximately 20 lbs during the 12 weeks of this challenge.  I am very excited to say that I have actually had to adjust that goal.  We are currently four weeks in and I weighed in  . . . [View Full]
The best sponsors and reasons I am able to go on this journey.  They deserve tons of thanks-  Brentwood Home Page   Nine Fruits  Elements Massage of Franklin   Mountain High Outfitters   Maryland Farms YMCA
This week I have been challenged to not only to expand my body, but also my mind.  I tell myself that I am pretty good with a computer, but the truth is there are many things that I need to learn.  The Be Healthy Challenge is forcing me to learn many of those things like tagging, blogging, and adding links.  I am grateful for the education.  There are many people that have been educating me on the body and nutrition.  Abby Rorex and her team at 100% Fit have gone out of their way to he . . . [View Full]
This routine is beginning to become a life style. That's so incredible. The pounds starting to drop, the food looking less enticing if it's not part of my new palate. This was the week I had squash, and thought, "Wow!" It was ordinary, no butter just squash squash--and it was delicious. It was similar to the way that sliced baked sweet potato tasted--the one baked with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. And the idea of rotisserie chicken--I knew I'd have to wait until Wednesday to buy it, b . . . [View Full]
Here we go with week 4- all about the sponsors. I do not have the words to say how much I appreciate this opportunity to get healthy in a fun, safe way. We are the luckiest team in this challenge and without Barr Nissan we would not be able to participate so thank you! If I could I would so buy a new Maxima from you- if you are looking for a car do me a solid and spend your money at Barr Nissan! I also need to thank Elements Massage- I need an appointment star because I can't lift my arms 😔  . . . [View Full]
I am thankful to have made it through Week 4! Already, I am noticing changes in my attitude and how I think about food and exercise. Team Longview and my trainer, Jo Voros at Anytime Fitness, have been so supportive and encouraging in this quest to become more healthy. This week, my team had the opportunity to meet our sponsor, Dr. Yost. Many thanks to Dr. Yost for his generosity and commitment to promoting health and fitness in Williamson County! Team Longview looks forward to having him join u . . . [View Full]
We are 1/3 of the way into the Brentwood Homepage Be Healthy Challenge now! If my journey was a Be Healthy Bucket List it’d look something like this: Gain knowledge & take steps to improve my health Feel & Move Better - so many great things to recommend about Chadwick's Personal Fitness Look forward to working out - thanks to an awesome team led by trainer Jason Huck 30 Second Plank ACHIEVED! Jeans zip a lot easier. Track food & not feel like I’m on yet another depriva . . . [View Full]
I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the Be Healthy Challenge wouldn't happen if members of our community didn't support it. Yes, there are many people who would jump at the chance to work with a trainer and get healthy. I'm not talking about those people today. I'm talking about the people that make that possible.    Moutain High Outfitters is a title sponsor of this challenge. They sell products, apparel, and gear for the outdoorsy minded. My reward when I get to a more healthy wei . . . [View Full]
   Week number four is done and so much is changing! At this point the changes are at a level that may not be so noticeable to others, but that doesn’t make them any less real. My clothes are beginning to fit differently, things like squat thrusts are much more doable and feelings that I was masking with food are getting resolved in more healthy ways. One thing that was noticed this week was that according to my 11 year-old son, I now have a “v” chin. He took a picture of my face and com . . . [View Full]
Hi All! Week 4 is wrapping up. I can't believe we have already been at this for 4 weeks! We are a third of the way through and I'm already getting a little teary-eyed at the idea that I won't be working out with these wonderful ladies, 3 times a week once this challenge ends. Maybe we can twist Brent's arm and he would continue to train us!?!? Make sure you check out his website at On The Brink Fitness He's the best!   OK. Let's talk sponsors. Without these businesses, I would not be on th . . . [View Full]
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