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Well, it's already week 8. Wow! that was fast! When I started this challenge I knew from the beginning that I wanted to become more fit and be more accountable about my eating by the end of the 12 weeks. I've always tried to eat well, but I do fall of the wagon more often than I thought. I've been really watching myself  now that I have my fitness pal app.  In 4 weeks, I would like to fit into my size 6 jeans. I'm almost there, so I'm pretty sure that I can get there. I've been working out . . . [View Full]
S.M.A.R.T. GOALS FOR MY FUTURE I am so excited about my future health story.  When I started this journey, I thought I knew it all.  I have learned that I did not know it all when it comes to nutrition and exercise.  I have weaned myself off foods I have learned are truly not that healthy, though marketers have told me they are good for me.  Smart:  I will need to exercise a minimum of three times a week; with four times being the dream for this busy girl.  During the summer it is not a  . . . [View Full]
Thank you "Be Healthy Challenge", for encouraging us to make SMART goals! What a great preparation and planning method for when we will be "on our own" to navigate our program. I truly wish this challenge could just keep going. Truthfully, I am a little nervous, but I am determined to maintain and continue this quest. So here are my ideas for what that will look like in my everyday life! Eating goal: S = I would like to make clean eating a lifelong habit. M = I will resist junk food without p . . . [View Full]
      Over the past two weeks during the Be Healthy Challenge we have focused on making SMART goals for ourselves that span over the 12 weeks following the challenge.  A SMART goal is one that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. It makes so much sense to set these goals because the Be Healthy Challenge is not a a 12-week program designed to fix health and achieve unsustainable weight loss. It is a catalyst for each participant and mentor to establish his or her own he . . . [View Full]
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As we are nearing the end of the Be Healthy Challenge we have been asked to set goals for ourselves to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.  First I should address the Obstacles that could possibly get in my way that I need to work on.  Probably the biggest obstacle is my work schedule.  I have the greatest job and absolutely love what I do.  The biggest problem, however, is how much I work.  I never book lunch hours.  This leads to snacking all day. I am never prepared with a healthy lun . . . [View Full]
S M A R T Goals for Valerie Thomas   My future health – my goal is to get to my ideal weight by eating better, exercising on a consistent basis and losing  24 pounds that will get me to my ideal weight.   I not only want to get to my ideal weight but try to maintain that weight.   I have given myself twelve weeks to get there and thanks to the Be Healthy Challenge I now have the game plan in place. My SMART goals have been set and I am ready! By getting to my ideal weight I will taki . . . [View Full]
I went to the class at 100% fit on Saturday!  We learned about making smart choices at the grocery store and becoming a label reader.  OK, so I am not the best at setting goals because I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl.  However, I believe it is time that I made some smart goals. Here is my list: 1.  I would like to be in a size 8 within 4 weeks.  This goal is attainable because I am almost there now! 2.  I would like to make healty meals for my family 4 nights a we . . . [View Full]
That's exactly what I'm going to do after this Be Healthy Challenge is over. Keep on keepin' on. Just like at the end of last year's challenge, I will keep on going to the Movestrong workouts at the Maryland Farms YMCA. The accountablility of that group keeps me on track. I have already written about my low sugar diet that is helping my health and energy, and I plan to continue with that as well.  For overall health, I'm still searching for the right answers. You can read my story here. I'm b . . . [View Full]
We all have goals that we establish.  Goals for work, goals for family, and goals for other aspects of our lives.  This week, we are being challenged to establish goals for our futures.   I have an ultimate goal in mind with regards to why I initially started this challenge.  My ultimate goal is to still be healthy enough to enjoy being around my son (and hopefully his children) and keep up with my energetic wife when we are all older.  My son is only four at the time of this posting.  I  . . . [View Full]
WEEK 7!! I feel very proud of myself and my team for taking each week one with full speed.  Through this journey I have learned to begin loving myself again.  I have always been an active person, but as I've gotten older it has been harder for me to accept the changes my body was going through.  This challenge has given me some piece of mind through exercise and eating healthy.  Very happy with the progress I have made.
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The stair lift - a device for lifting people up and down staircases - is not as new as people might think. It dates back to the 1920’s when Pennsylvanian entrepreneur C.C. Crispen devised a way for his ailing friend to travel from floor to floor. The stair lift’s origins may even go back much further than this - maybe to the 16th century and times of UK monarch King Henry VIII. Historians believe they have found evidence that the heavily overweight ruler was lifted up and down staircases us . . . [View Full]

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