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2015 is a great year to look for a new career. The economy is turning around from the recent recession, and interest rates are still low. Whether you're in school earning a degree or you've had a career for more than a decade, you have lots of opportunities available to you. So, take a look at these six inspiring careers to take advantage of in 2015. Healthcare Professional One industry that you never have to worry about going away is healthcare. People are always going to get sick, need surge . . . [View Full]
The most important thing when employing digital signage for your advertising campaign is to have high quality and well-targeted content displayed in the best possible format. In order to do this, you must carefully select the themes and templates that you will use. Many places to download free templates are available online and which template you choose will set the pace for your entire advertising campaign. Next to quality of content, you must consider how to place your advertising screens in  . . . [View Full]
What would motivate you to travel? There are several reasons why you would want to or have to do so. Memes can help you capture your travels and other people’s journeys and add more sentiment, humor, passion or information to an otherwise ordinary experience. There are many reasons why travel is not only intriguing but also necessary. Check out our site for funny memes on travel but in the meantime, here are some ideas for you on how you could create some memes of your own and contribute your . . . [View Full]
Put in work! If you have ever looked for a job (and who hasn’t right?) then you know that it is hard work. In fact, I think it can be fair to say that looking for a job is a full time job. So you need to be ready to put in the work to find some work (see what I did right there?). What we have here is a seven day plan guaranteed to get you a job at the end of those seven days. It’s a summary but you can see more details at The seven-day plan Day One: Make a plan  . . . [View Full]
Moving to a new country can be very exciting especially if it is for a career change or for higher education. It gives you the opportunity to get a fresh start and create a whole new life in another part of the world. New job, new friends, a new apartment and a brand new life; on the flip side it can also be overwhelming as you have to start everything from scratch.     Looking for a new place, buying a new car, figuring out the new culture can be confusing. Dubai is one dynamic place fil . . . [View Full]
It is no secret that gambling is a popular pastime in the UK. For years, betting shops have been common stops on the way home from work or to the pub, and in recent years online gambling has seen a massive increase in popularity among UK bettors. Today, betting is much broader than it was in the past, with social games, mobile games, online poker, sports betting in shops and online all creating a vibrant, innovative industry. Various gambling brands have become household names throughout the yea . . . [View Full]
Sunglasses do more than protect your eyes; they’re an important part of your style. While most people associate these accessories with the summer, in fact the best brands are those which can be worn all year round. Fashion designers are coming up with a diverse array of sunglasses which come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Below are the newest brands to look for in 2015. Sunglasses for Girls Dolce & Gabbana tops our list with a spectacular selection of sunglasses which combine  . . . [View Full]
Secondary suites are great for all kinds of lifestyles, but are they right for yours? If you don’t know, a granny flat is separate, additional housing on a property. For example, someone with a secondary suite might have their home and then a large backyard in which they’d be able to build a granny flat. This suite acts as an entirely separate living space, equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom as well as a bedroom and other rooms you might like. They can be used for all sorts of things, . . . [View Full]
If you are a fan of soccer, and particularly a follower of international leagues like the English Premier League, you are probably already well aware of the fact that many soccer stars from the United States end up playing overseas and finding great success playing in the international arena. But you may not have realized that a lot of players who are found throughout Europe, England, and other parts of the world actually hail from California, where they got their start in the exciting world of  . . . [View Full]
        Porta Via Italian Kitchen, (locations include Cool Springs and Belle Meade) offers a variety of real authentic Italian dishes that are more than just easy on the eyes. Everything they offer on their menu, is as close to being in Italy eating as you can get without putting a big dent in your wallet. Porta Via Italian Kitchen offers Pasta, Pizza the way it's been made in Naples for hundreds of years (VPN Certified), and many other 100% Authentic Italian Dishes. Porta Via believes that  . . . [View Full]

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