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            I can hardly believe that we’re so close to the end of the first twelve weeks of the Be Healthy Challenge. Yes, I said the first twelve weeks. I think the second twelve weeks will be the true test. That’s why I need a roadmap. The follow-up to all of this hard work, learning, and changing is so important. I think it’s obvious that the powers that be of the Be Healthy Challenge already knew this. Therefore, they prompted us to think about and set goals for our future  . . . [View Full]
Just finished 9 weeks of the Be Healthy Challenge. I have a better handle on what to eat at home, however when I eat at a restaurant, I am still tempted to "get my money's worth" by ordering a favorite dish, and ignoring what I know to be one of the more healthy choices on the menu. My goal will be to "always review a restaurant menu on-line and make the smart choice"...before I get to the restaurant, and avoid the emotional choice. Obstacles include:1. No on-line menu posted. Action Item-Solut . . . [View Full]
These last two weeks were about making SMART goals for ourselves to further build our personal health when this Be Healthy Challenge is over.  I have struggled so much with this challenge.  My SMART goal is to consistently workout every day. Specific: I will develop a daily workout time for myself.   Measurable: I will do some type of physical activity 30 minutes daily. Attainable I now know that I have what it takes to push myself through a workout session. Realistic: I would like t . . . [View Full]
In order to continue to stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight I will need to continue exercising regularly and avoid sugar.  My specific SMART goals are: 1. Join Quest as a regular member and continue to work out in the mornings 3 times a week starting at the end of the Be Healthy challenge and continuing for 1 year. 2. Avoid sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners.  It's ok to eat fruit and vegetables that contain natural sugars.  This is not something I can ever stop do . . . [View Full]
What are S.M.A.R.T. Goals? Goals that are Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Timely Now that I can visualize the end of my 12 week Be Healthy Challenge, I am concerned that the motivation and accountability will not be there to continue my regime.  This actually frightens me a little and I have discussed this with my team. I think we all would like to continue our workouts and eating right.  We even talked about joining a gym and perhaps staying together as a team if we can work o . . . [View Full]
As we near the end of the Be Healthy Challenge, it is time to think about the future. We were asked to create SMART Goals for this blog assignment. I identified three goals that I believe will help me continue on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. I’m looking forward to where I will be this time next year and these are the steps that will get me there! Goal #1: Complete Food & Wine Half Marathon 2015 and Princess Half Marathon 2016 This will involve training 3 times per week (2 da . . . [View Full]
I’m a theme oriented person – give me a theme and I’ll run with it! So the new theme in my life is Be Healthy. There are so many ways to think and plan how to Be Healthy but ACTION is needed. One of the first things we were told as participants: if you write something down, you increase your chance of accomplishing it We were asked to blog and use social media to document our Be Healthy Challenge experience because data reveals a direct relationship between writing and succeeding. This b . . . [View Full]
  The man states the Be Healthy Challenge has been a riot. And rewarding. A rewarding riot! They have three weeks left their initial challenge. But what of the next twelve weeks? And all those "Twelve Weeks After"? Here are the man's goal in his own words:   Be Healthy Challenge Week 9: 3 SMART Goals For the Next Twelve Weeks 1 S: Achieve and maintain target weight through 6 days/week exercise schedule: 3xCardio, 3xStrength M: Target weight: 205 A: Target weight is within 10 lbs as of  . . . [View Full]
Wow, only 3 weeks left! The past 2 weeks included learning about goal-making and how goals can help us achieve a healthy lifestyle. My main goal the last 9 weeks has been just GETTING to the gym 3 times a week. So I had to think a bit deeper now about going a step further and now making some additional goals: Specific: I want to continue a regular workout program. Measurable: I will join a training program or select a self-plan and workout at least 3 times a week. Achievable: I have always  . . . [View Full]
When I started this challenge, I had a goal to lose 10 pounds, learn to enjoy sweets in moderation, and lower my cholesterol and blood pressure.  So far, I have lost 7 pounds and I look forward to our end of the challenge health check to see the results of the changes I have made on my blood pressure and cholesterol.   I am a little scared for this challenge to end.  It has been so good for me.  The accountability of my fitness pal and my team has really been beneficial.  I hope that sett . . . [View Full]
  The Be Healthy Challenge has helped me to learn how to set goals and understand how to acutally make it happen. Haute Dogge, Elements Massage of Franklin and Mountain High Outfitters have made this possible for my life. I want to make my goal to continue this trend and to show my appreciation to our sponsors. For my next 12 week journey:  S: I want to maintain a healthy weight and continue to watch what I am eating. M:  I want to have a healhty weight by the end of the next 12 weeks. I  . . . [View Full]
This week's blog is about making a SMART goal. As a teacher, I have my kiddos make goals all the time. I never thought about making a goal for my health. I think this is a great idea and will hold me accountable. Specific: I want to train for and run a 6K. Measurable: I will join a 6K run (Leiper's Fork Heroes 6K). I will use an Couch to a 5K app on my phone to help me with my endurance. I will also continue my workouts with Brent Brinkmeier. Achievable: I am not a runner. I will do interval . . . [View Full]
This week’s blog was a two week assignment. We were asked to look past the challenge and continue to make goals for ourselves in our new healthy lifestyle. These SMART goals will help guide me to continue on in my journey after the Be Healthy Challenge.   Goal #1 Continue to workout three days a week. I will continue to walk my dog, but extend our walking time and distance I will continue to use my membership to the Rec Center ($25/mo) to go to classes and use the equipment plus meet up  . . . [View Full]

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