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Week One is done.  What have I done?   I have lost 2 pounds by changing my exercise pattern and drinking more water.  Next on the agenda is to get the diet in order.  I did pretty good this week but there are still some adjustments to be made.  Team Orange Theory let's keep moving full speed ahead and stay orange/red!  
     My husband, Steve Baum, and I have often said over our last forty years of married life together that, "Life is an adventure!"  Well, here we are on another adventure within our grand adventure!  He had read about the Be Healthy Challenge on the Brentwood Homepage and asked me to participate in it with him.  Although I felt a little intimidated at first by such a commitment, I realized that I really needed to do this.  So here we are!  Steve is on the Quest Performance team and  . . . [View Full]
The next chapter in my long journey to a healthier life took a drastic turn this week.  I had my second work out at 100% Fit today and I know that I am in the right place to finish this journey. When  Danette Cravens​ asked me to join her to doing the Be Healthy Challenge​ I was not sure I would have time to do it right.  After hearing about what this has to offer I had to make the time.  This is the chance for me to figure out how to eat (Normally), work out sensibably, and somehow man . . . [View Full]
I was pretty excited to get the RMR test from Cater Hays to determine how many calories I could eat in a day.  Later in the day he sent personalized instructions.  As I read through them I kept thinking to myself "I can do that, easy" until I came to that single line "All carbohydrates must be multi-colored vegetables".  My first thought was what?  No chocolate, bread, pasta, cereal?  What am I going to eat.  As it turns out, lots and lots of vegetables. I'm willing to give it a shot to l . . . [View Full]
Team 1 Longview is rockin' it with personal trainer, Brent Brinkmeier!!  We've just completed our second workout this week.  Little did we know how much we could sweat until Brent set us up circuit rotations to whoop us into shape!  We persevered through the aches with his words of encouragement.  Of course the epson salt bath helped a little too!  :)   The new friendships that have quickly formed from this experience is amazing!  I know I can do this because of all the support I'm rec . . . [View Full]
This week starts my fifth Be Healthy Challenge. I love to start my year with the energy and the reset that this challenge brings! The Maryland Farms YMCA has been my gym home for a long time now and I have continued to workout at the 9:30 Am Move Strong as part of my exercise routine as has most of my 2014 Be Healthy Challenge Team. This year Eric Hagar, our fearless trainer and leader is taking on the challenge once again. Megan Strickland is back as co-mentor, as well as Bonnie Dalager, . . . [View Full]
Here it is week one of the Be Healthy Challenge and I am so ready to get healthy and feel good! I am grateful to all the volunteers in our community from doctors and nutritionists to the local gyms, trainers and mentors and our sponsors who believe in changing peoples lives and making it all possible. This week I met with my team and our amazing trainer Jason Huck with Chadwick's Personal Fitness. Jason waisted no time in getting our buts in gear, literally! We did some serious circuit training  . . . [View Full]
  Being part of the Be Healthy Challenge is so very awesome.  Team 9Fruits @ the Maryland Farms YMCA is making a difference in each others lives. We are helping each other PUSH THRU IT and all with wonderful smiles on our faces.    . . . [View Full]
I've completed my first week of the Be  Healthy Challenge with Team2 from Longview Elementary School.  A most heartfelt "THANK YOU" goes out to our sponsors, Elements Massage of Franklin, Mountain High Outfitters, and Brentwood Home Page, because without your support, this exciting journey would not be possible.  I am so excited to see what the next 12 weeks has in store for us. I'm definitely feeling very sore today.....but it is a wonderful feeling knowing that I am getting my body back in . . . [View Full]
  This first week has been awesome!!! I have never felt more confident and determined to exercise and eat right. The support of Jason Huck from Chadwicks and Dr. Ashley Woods this week are a huge help. This week we've been doing some circuit training. I have definitely been feeling sore, but it's a good sore. I know that I am working all my muscles, which is just what I needed! Throughout the Be Healthy Challenge, I want to stay determined and motivated and no matter what, always put my all  . . . [View Full]
A year ago, I began my quest to get in shape. Through the advice of a friend, I started using an app that would train me to run a 5k in about 9 weeks. Through this, I ran my 1st 5k at the end of May last year. My addiction to running began and still continues to this day. I still felt that I was missing something. I didn't feel that I was completely in the shape that I needed to be in so I decided to try eating healthier. It's kind of hard to be consistent when you haven't trained yourself to ea . . . [View Full]
I'm so excited about this opportunity to work with a TEAM on our fitness goals. So thankful for our sponsors, Elements Massage of Franklin and Mountain High Outfitters. Especially grateful for our trainer, Sarah Thomas!! Be sure to check her out on Facebook at
I'm so excited to be a part of the Be Healthy Challenge  This opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.  I am so thankful to everyone who has made this possible:  Renee Yarbrough for organizing everything, Dr. Ashley Woods for meeting individually with all of the participants, Dr. Travis Owens, and Katie Baldridge Lovelace.  I am also extremely thankful for Richard Martens and Krista Hide at Iron Tribe Fitness for training me and my teammates. They are extremely compassionate and ca . . . [View Full]

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