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Walls vs Aisles?? Say What?? I have always heard that, have you? Are you curious what I’m referring to?? I’m referring to the Grocery store and the concept of shopping the Walls of the store more and less of the Aisles. That is easier said than done, and I’m still a work in progress! Old eating habits and cravings are hard to break! This week during our Be Healthy Challenge thru the Brentwood Home Page, we were given some valuable information, information that I had not heard of. I spok . . . [View Full]
Identity theft is a real problem. You may not hear of it very often because, well, it's incredibly hard to prove. That's actually probably the scariest part about the whole thing; how much difficulty people find in coming back from having their identity stolen. Identity theft can happen in several different ways. The more reliant we become on technology, and the more technology advances, the more ways we can have our identity stolen. It might not prove itself to be the most common of problems,  . . . [View Full]
A calorie is a terrible thing to waste. So the fact that I ended Monday with 773 calories remaining according to My Fitness Pal app sent me immediately to Sonic for a hot fudge peanut butter shake. NOT! But I did end the day with calories to spare, which can be explained by the 400 calories I burned at last night’s workout at Prairie Life Fitness, the Cool Springs fitness company hosting my “Prairie Strong” Be Healthy Challenge team. Two years ago during the first BHC challenge and too . . . [View Full]
I'm supposed to post a photo of food, to show you something of the journey I'm on with the Be Healthy Challenge.  I can't figure out how to post a photo!!!  So, for the photo credit, I'm going to tweet @markacleveland the most wicked food I've consumed recently.  Follow me or watch for the #BeHealthyChallenge Changing eating habits is critical to success.  I'm so happy to hear people say "you look great" or "you've lost A LOT OF weight" except for the part where they emphasize "A WHOLE LOT" . . . [View Full]
                                                                                                              Dr. Ashley Woods has become my friend, mentor, and educator to make the best choices for meals, recipes and exercise to make my future self better and healthier.  She has been working with our Be Healthy Challenge for two seasons and improving the lives of all of the challengers.  I know I speak for all Be Healthy Challenge parti . . . [View Full]   Food…It is all around us. A vital part of our life. Our social life is centered around food. As a baby, our parents record our first bite, our first birthday cake… Holidays are centered around food.. As we get older, our relationships are around food, we go “out to eat” on dates. As adults, our social events are centered on food. We have cable stations dedicated to food. Food is “big business”. As a spectator for sports, food is a big . . . [View Full]
Well here we are at the end of week 7 with 5 more weeks to go. I am finally used to going to work out 3 days a week. I am no longer sore day in and day out. Now this diet thing, thats another story. I started using my fitness pal and after loading my information in I was given a caloric intake of 1550 calories.  I had felt like I had achieved a major accomplishment by giving up sodas but I have since realized that there is so much more to it. You not only have to watch your calories but you n . . . [View Full]
So this week has been pretty interesting for me. It has had me out of sorts which has been tough. Between traveling for work, then across country for a funeral, and then having a series of travel issues returning to Nashville...this all made for an interesting week for my diet. I really did keep on track for the most part, but had some real struggles with crazy schedules and at times being away from good sources for my food(s).  One of the things that I was reminded of this week was how import . . . [View Full]
Vitamin all should be taking it in supplement form. I am recommending 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily for all participants. If you are already taking a Vitamin D supplement prescribed by your physician, please continue as directed and do NOT add to it. Why am I recommending this? Because I suspect, based on past experience with Be Healthy Challenge participants as well as my medical knowledge, you are all low or borderline low. Taking extra (at this low of a dose) will not cause any proble . . . [View Full]
Hello Folks,   Well, we are in week 7 of Brentwood Home Page organized Be Healthy Challenge 2014, that is well past  the most common belief that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit or routine. I assume that as a participant in this challenge, we all have formed healthy habits and routine. When it comes to forming habit, in the past, I never went past that 21 day mark. I think, my efforts and determination fell short of 21 days and fall off the wagon. But this time, it is different.  . . . [View Full]

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