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Gail Hermann: Be Healthy Challenge

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I believe the most important thing I have learned or confirmed for me is that I need that accountability factor to be able to reach my goals of fitness and better health.  I know what it takes to eat healthy and get fit through exercise but without a continuing support system or program I fall back into old bad habits and lose what I worked so hard to accomplish.  I have belonged to a gym for many years but no one knows whether I go or not. And no one notices if I don't.   Being i . . . [View Full]
I have been down this road many times before of getting fit and making exercise and diet changes but I always seem to fall off that band wagon. I gain back the weight and loss that level of fitness.  But this time I know is going to be different.  My goal has changed from a certain weight or clothing size to continuing to exercise and eating whole foods so I feel fit and have the energy to stay engaged with life.  I celebrated my son Sam's 19th birthday today.  We went to Coc . . . [View Full]
We are coming to the end of the beginning of a new journey for me.  The  Be Heatlhy Challenge may be ending in a couple weeks but the changes I have been making are becomming habit and I am looking forward to exercise, especailly Kettlebell, and am transforming the way I eat and think about food. I can't possibly thank Big Frog T-Shirts and More for sponsoring me and providing the great t-shirts for everyone in the Challenge.  We got a big one to begin and now we get a smaller on . . . [View Full]
I am really feeling the results of eating better and getting regular exercise.  I am focusing on eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods including my vice, sweets.  My craving really are diminishing but I still occasionally splurge for a sweet treat or a less healthy carb, but I try to reserve these for after I have exercised.  I am forming new habits that I intend to continue.  I went to a bonus workout at TN Kettlebell this weekend and was able to keep up with the v . . . [View Full]
We are at the end of week 8 with only 4 more weeks to go.  I will hate to see the challenge end because then the real challenge begins, how to stay committed to a lifestyle of regualr exercise and nutritional eating.  I will certainly be more prepared with all that we have learned and accomplished.  I believe that one of the most important things I haved learned, other than my body can do more than I think it can, is that having an accountability network in place is key to continu . . . [View Full]

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