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     So as the planned adventure continues, and the key word here is "planned" because there were several things that I had to do to get ready for the Be Healthy Challenge.  Once I had my team sponsor USA Baby Franklin, I didn't have any more excuses for trying to talk myself out of this.  Now I was committed to my team.  So here it goes.  Here's what I and all the others have to do.      First, I went to another one of the Be Healthy Challenge partners Shots, Etc.! in Cool Spring . . . [View Full]
My first week on the Be Healthy Challenge was difficult and fantastic. Frequently, I experienced these emotions simultaneously.  This week was just about making it through.  I did make it through!  I made it through with less food and more exercise.  Less sleeping in and more strength training. Less sugar and more energy.  This upcoming week, I am going to focus on making specific goals.  If you run into me, ask me how this is going!  Excited for week two!  "There are no traffic jams al . . . [View Full]
It's the end of Week One of the 2015 Be Healthy Challenge. I already have so many people to thank, and that's all I want to do in my first post. I want to tell you all about why I've joined the Be Healthy Challenge and the insights I've already gotten in a few short days. But for now, please check out the list below and you'll get an idea of how many people and businesses are a part of this awesome annual wellness program that's open to you, too, by the way, if you want to get on board next time . . . [View Full]
I start this blog in disbelief that I am feeling most positive about this upcoming 12 week health journey.  Following the second workout, I couldn't believe it was over so quickly.  I have been sore and unfortunately now I am sick, mostly due to allergies.  But I am excited for next week. Excited to continue to learn new things and strengthen my body.   Kim Villanova   I would like to personally extend a Thank You to each of the following parties: YMCA Team Sponsor:  Nine Fruits    . . . [View Full]
Chadwick's Personal Fitness and trainer Jason Huck, as well as an amazing group of people on Team Chadwicks have all played a part in the biggest payoff of week one of the Be Healthy Challenge: A NEW ATTITUDE! I was nervous just walking in but by the end of the first workout I knew this was something I could do. I've never worked out in a team like this and I'm surprised to say it, but it's actually fun! I look forward to walking in the gym now, and I need to thank my friend Julie - a former Be . . . [View Full]
  I enjoyed meeting my group at Chadwicks and our trainer Jason on Monday morning at 7:00.  It feels really good to get the day started off with exercise.  Because of a multi-car accident on I-65 N  Wednesday morning and the hour that it took to go 4 miles I missed our workout on Wednesday morning. At the end of our Friday session to make up for missing the Wednesday class Jason made me do 1,000 push-ups while pressing his foot down on my back. Then with heavy chains around my neck he ma . . . [View Full]
I am so thankful the first week of our challenge is completed.  I was very nervous meeting our trainer and seeing what we'd be doing.  Thankfully, our trainer, Brent, from On The Brink, is great and did a great job on getting us started.  I am so excited to see how this goes!  Thank you to Nissan Barr for sponsoring our team and to Elements Massage of Franklin and Mountain High Outfitters for making this Be Healthy Challenge Possible!!!
  Week One, Days Three and Four   Consider if you will how mistakes are made:the man, in his blog about the first workout at Quest Sports Center, referred to it as “an energetic low impact workout”.   And coach Carter Hays must have read that.   The team was greeted pleasantly, as always, and Carter stepped aside to reveal the set list: 100 push-ups, run a lap, 100 crunches, run a lap, etc. Low impact?   While the man had been physically active on and off, usually just-in-t . . . [View Full]
  ^^That was me a few months ago!  Through the cold, dark winter I was glued to my couch, tv, and laptop!  I had a few stints of going to the Y in the fall and taking Zumba classes, which I really enjoy, but I had let the weather and busy-ness of the holiday season derail me yet again!   Here I am now, reflecting on having completed my first week of training through the Brentwood Home Page Be Healthy Challenge.  I have MOVED IT more than I have in a VERY long time and you know what?  I . . . [View Full]
I am excited about Team College Grove's participation in the "Be Healthy Challenge"! Sarah Blankenship Thomas is the best sponsor and she has great workouts. Well, they are exhausting but she makes every moment in class count! The first week was busy learning to navigate "My Fitness Pal" and getting aquainted with the rules of the challenge. I really like "my Fitness Pal". It notifies me if I have gone over my daily recommended amount of fats, sugar, calories of course, etc. I like my team m . . . [View Full]
Be Healthy Challenge - one week down. I'm sore but still so pumped about my journey. My team 100% Fit is awesome, positive and supportive. I wouldn't have asked for a better place to train. Thank you Abby Rorex for leading, guiding and supporting me through this tuff journey. 
Week One is done.  What have I done?   I have lost 2 pounds by changing my exercise pattern and drinking more water.  Next on the agenda is to get the diet in order.  I did pretty good this week but there are still some adjustments to be made.  Team Orange Theory let's keep moving full speed ahead and stay orange/red!  
The next chapter in my long journey to a healthier life took a drastic turn this week.  I had my second work out at 100% Fit today and I know that I am in the right place to finish this journey. When  Danette Cravens​ asked me to join her to doing the Be Healthy Challenge​ I was not sure I would have time to do it right.  After hearing about what this has to offer I had to make the time.  This is the chance for me to figure out how to eat (Normally), work out sensibably, and somehow man . . . [View Full]

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