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 Wow, who would have thought that it's already Week 4 of the BeHealthy Challenge!  This week was extra exciting for Team Iron Tribe!  Our team had the pleasure of meeting the extraordinary Dr. Ila Foster from Graceful Hands Chiropractic and Wellness Center!  It was such a treat for her to be able to come out and meet our team!  It was fitting, actually, that Dr. Foster and Renee Yarbrough visited us on our "graduation" from Iron Tribe 101!  The day was amazing really, as we all saw how muc . . . [View Full]
When I signed up for this challenge, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I didn't know what it meant that someone was sponsoring this challenge or that they were sponsoring me in this challenge.  I am beginning to see that the sponsors of this challenge have given me an incredible gift!  I am learning that the companies who are supporting me in this challenge are doing so because they believe in healthy lifestyles and want to help others achieve better health. 1.  I have received free  . . . [View Full]
I am ready for week 5!  I am stronger than when I first started.  My scale is showing me that the combination is working and I am ready to keep the numbers moving in the right direction.  I am so grateful for my teammates and Orange Theory Fitness for pushing us all!
 "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."  ~ Marcel Proust As I reflect on week 4, I want to say thank you to the Be Healthy Challenge brought by Home Page Media Group and to the sponsors, Elements Massage of Franklin and Mountain High Outfitters who made it all possible for 80 members of our community to embark on a road to healthy living.  For me and my family, it would not have happened had it not been for the generos . . . [View Full]
    The Brentwood Home Page Be Healthy Challenge would not be possible if it were not for the sponsorship and support of so many awesome businesses, workout facilities, trainers and individuals who give their time, talent, and, treasures to keep this program thriving.    Mountain High Outfitters and Elements Massage in Franklin are two of those businesses involved with the sponsorship. Thank-you to our gifted Doctors participating with the challenge, Dr. Ashley Woods and Dr. Travis Owen . . . [View Full]
I can't tell you how many times I've thought this. I'd spend 3 months in Haiti. I'd write a book. I'd really focus on starting a photography or doula business. I look at the transformation of stars and think, "It's easy to be in such good shape when you have the money to pay for the trainer, the nutritionist and the expensive food, not to mention the personal assistant so you have time to workout, eat and sleep like you should." Well, the Be Healthy Challenge hasn't sent anyone to come clean my . . . [View Full]
 I am returning from a trip to Kentucky visiting family and had the opportunity to fill them in on all the details of the Be Healthy challenge. I realized while  discussing it with them that one thing that really sets it apart from other diet and lifestyle changes is the accountability to others. This is the reason I am pulled over at a gas station blogging off I 65. But it is also the reason I feel a positive change already.  I feel stronger as each day passes and I'm excited to see what the . . . [View Full]
So, this week was all about recovery for me. I'm so thankful that I have this commitment to working out 3x a week and logging what I eat on a daily basis! So much of my body wanted to go home after school on Monday, climb into an Epsom salt bath and just soak away the soreness of the weekend's race. I made myself go to workout and am so grateful that I did. Not only did I get to reconnect with my friends and share my race experience but I also got to work out some of the soreness. Jo was so swee . . . [View Full]
Wow, how hard is it to believe that we are already a third of the way through this years Be Healthy Challenge. In order to have a successful event like this, sponsors are a crucial piece of the puzzle. The title sponsors this year, Mountain High Outfitters and Elements Massage are great folks to be heading this up. Thank you all so much for taking such a role in helping people change their lives.  I feel so very fortunate to be a part of Team Quest again this year at Quest Performance.  . . . [View Full]
I remember a few years ago reading about an initiative that gave people $100 under the condition that they could not keep the money. Instead they had to use creative ways to see how much impact that money could make in the lives of others. I suppose perhaps it grew out of the "Pay it Forward" movement. Whatever the genesis, the goal was to create a ripple effect -- like dropping a pebble in pond to see how far out the concentric circles expand.  The entire Be Healthy Challenge reminds me of th . . . [View Full]
WOW what a week this has been for EXERCISE, SAMPLING other fitness programs, getting to know my TEAMATES, some shocking results from having to redo my MEDICAL TESTING, trying to make better FOOD choices and finally after 3 days of trying to get in the virtual line at the DMV, my daughter now has her DRIVERS PERMIT.  My blog is dedicated this week to my sponsor Marla Richardson. Please read on... EXERCISE: OK, Im a little over the top on this one.  If the Diva in me wants to come out, t . . . [View Full]
The Be Healthy Challenge would not be possible without the fabulous sponsor companies. The 2015 Title Sponsors are Mountain High Outfitters and Elements Massage of Franklin. Mountain High Outfitters has sponsored the Be Healthy Challenge for three years, and is completely dedicated to the idea of fitness and wellness...and all the outdoor sports that make for a healthy lifestyle. Their stores don't disappoint, with stellar customer service, FREE try-out programs like paddleboarding, train ru . . . [View Full]
 The first contact I ever had with SHOTS, etc. was at my former employer, The Tennessean, a number of years ago when SHOTS, etc. was at the newspaper to conduct a Company Flu Clinic and also to offer Vitamin B-12 injections. SHOTS, etc. provided this mobile clinic regularly there as a way to promote employee wellness. Since I joined the Be Healthy Challenge in March 2015, I have gotten to know much more about SHOTS, etc. and its owner, Kaye Ivanoff. Kaye is my sponsor in the Be Healthy Chal . . . [View Full]

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