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Week 6 started off with an intense workout from our fabulous trainer, Jo Voros. Thank you Anytime Fitness in Spring Hill for allowing us to workout at your facility.  Each week I can do more than I thought I was capable of.  I am so thankful to all of our sponsors for this Amazing opportunity.  Dr. Yost, Mountain High Outfitters, Elements Massage Franklin, Brentwood Home Page, Spring Hill Home Page...without your support I would have kept putting off my desire to get back into shape.  It wo . . . [View Full]
Are you looking for a few simple ways to tighten your belt around the home? Aren't we all? Here are some fantastic ways to save a little money around the home, that I find make all the difference. I hope they can help you too! Grow Your Own If you have a garden, great – get digging. But if you don't, or you live in an apartment, not all hope is lost. You can still grow your own windowsill herbs and chilli plants. Use your edible plants in your home cooking, and avoid the pricey supermarke . . . [View Full]
This can be a real bad news for you, if you hear your mechanic to say the engine of your car id damaged and you need to spend some money to rebuild it. The situation can be worse for you if you are already in debt and there are no other options open for you that can help you in such situation. However, you will be glad to know that an option is still available for you, which has been designed to help people in such difficult situation. You can apply for a car title loan, as many companies are g . . . [View Full]
Imagine if you will this klutz below finishing a race.   Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the St Jude Country Music Marathon Half-Marathon and 5K Peace, Love, and Donate Life! Injured foot and all hobbled to 12th place out of 31 competitors in his (getting elderly) age group. Organ donor recipients can do anything! Register to be an organ donor today.     The man gets by with a little help from my friends: Thank You to everybody at Team Quest!     . . . [View Full]
We're almost halfway through the Be Healthy Challenge and I've learned a few things about myself. To be honest, I entered this challenge with some trepidation. My schedule is already so full with teaching, being a mom, and pursuing my doctorate degree. However, this healthy lifestyle change has fit quite well without affecting much of my normal routine. Workouts with our trainer, Jo Voros, have challenged me and given me the boost I needed to see quick results. Here are a few things I've learne . . . [View Full]
As week 5 draws to a close, I focus on the changes I have made so far. I regularly track my food intake on an app. I work out (rather intensely I might add) 3 days a week. I'm part of a team on this journey Tracking my food has never been an issue for me. Doing years of Weight Watchers has prepared me for such a task. It keeps me honest an accountable. I also am learning a lot about what my body needs (food wise) to run effectively. The work outs have been terrific! My trainer Jo Voros . . . [View Full]
    I have a weird, unemployable ability to remember obscure movie lines. One line that has been playing in my head lately is one that few probably remember from a very memorable 1989 movie, Say Anything. In it, John Cusack’s character, 19-year-old Lloyd, lives with his older sister, Constance, a divorced mom (played by his real-life sister Joan) who’s also trying to raise her own son. As she comes home after work carrying groceries, Lloyd starts pulling “his” stuff out of the bags . . . [View Full]
  I am a 40 year old Muslim man who has travelled all the way from Mindanao in the Philippines in order to try my luck here in Brentwood. I have to say that at first it was not easy being new. It also does not help that I am a bit shy. It was hard for me to talk to my neighbors in the beginning although they welcomed me quite well. The first thing I missed was Muslim dating because even at my age, I have not found the right woman yet. I missed the colorful clothes of Muslim women from my coun . . . [View Full]
Dirty or clean?  That is the question!  No, I'm not talking about the laundry...I'm talking about nutrition choices! Moving into a nutritious & healthy rest-of-my-life starts with knowing when to say "no" and when to say "yes"!  Saying "no" to dirty food and saying "yes" to clean food is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, which is my goal, thanks to the Be Healthy Challenge!  Rainbows have always been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid.  I love the brightness and cheerfulness . . . [View Full]
baby furlEat the "RAINBOW" - that's what Dr. Travis Owens told everyone at the nutrition class at Kroger's on Hwy 96.  Eating the rainbow means eating more and different vegetables, picking something from every color of the rainbow.  This is a real challenge for me.  I am not a vegetable eater.  I'm working on it.  I have already made some changes - thanks to Dr. Ashley Woods and the things she suggested.  Changes that I made this week after listening to Dr. Travis - almond milk, reading  . . . [View Full]
Over the past couple of weeks, we have learned so many ways to improve our health by eating for success.  One of my struggles in my journey toward fitness is developing a healthier relationship with food.  In the past I have tended to use it to medicate emotionally or as a "reward" after a tough day, rather than seeing it for what it truly is - fuel.  It can be a little overwhelming learning about ALL the ways I really should change my diet, but breaking that down into smaller steps and setti . . . [View Full]
    Another week in the books for the Be Healthy Challenge 2015.  It was a week of hard work at Chadwicks Fitness.  With all the hard work has come results.  I feel better, move better and have an overall better attitude.  I find myself looking forward to seeing the team at 7am on Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays. We met with our sponsor, Haute Dogge and got a great tour of their facility.  These folks love what they do.  There were a couple of very happy dogs being pampered the day  . . . [View Full]
Anne Baum: The Adventures Continues – Roadside Points of Interest  Sponsored by major contributors to the entire Be Healthy Challenge, Elements Massage Franklin and Mountain High Outfitters. They have made a huge commitment to the quality and success of this challenge. I can't thank them enough!!          I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a road trip from Nashville to St. Louis, or Denver, or Orlando and never, or rarely, stopped to visit one of those roadside points  . . . [View Full]

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