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Bangor -Maine.  The nation’s top 65 teams battle it out for the annual college basketball tournament kick off in March. These six rounds of 64 games are set to grace national viewers’ television sets.  Sponsoring companies spend a staggering $100,000 on CBS for 30-second spot of advertising in round one with expected revenue collection of up to $1 million per spot in the finals. CBS in turn signed over eleven year contract to pay NACC $6.1 billion to have rights for selling ad spots and b . . . [View Full]
Bored of beach and resort vacations? The mountains do not beckon you anymore? Well, then it is time that you try something new and exciting. How about venturing into some real time wildlife? This time plan a safari vacation to some of the best safari destinations in the world. Nature holidays will not only help in bringing you close to natural settings, but let you see flora and fauna in their original form. Find below some of the most amazing safari destinations of the world, where you can exp . . . [View Full]
If you have a passion for retail, opening a store in a busy mall is probably your ultimate goal. Imagine how satisfying it would be to have Victoria’s Secret on one side of your store and Guess on the other. You would have a steady stream of customers walking through your doors all day long – and profits to match. The problem with opening a retail outlet in a busy mall is that there are a lot of overheads. Popular shopping malls charge a lot of rent, plus there are numerous other expenses t . . . [View Full]
If you plan to invest in real estate property, you will need to have a sober mind, develop the right mental attitude, and have foresight and patience. Commercial real estate properties take long to buy and close the purchase deal. If there are repairs required, they will also take long to restore. You may be thinking of remodeling and reselling the property and this is something that needs you to invest a lot of time. It will require you to make the decision at the right time and cultivate a b . . . [View Full]
Simply as you've gotten an email in the man you've met through internet dating sites it doesn't mean that, it means that after a while, you'll begin seeing that man for actual. You may begin trading numbers whenever you're free, and you'll begin phoning and texting each other. The link is there, you believe it is there. You begin grinning for no reason particularly when you think about the image and the right person you've experienced in his profile. Will you really see the right person? Will th . . . [View Full]
If you were asked whether or not your small business was ready for the mobile-centered digital age, what would you say? It is no longer good enough to equate being mobile savvy as using a smartphone to check an email account; many entrepreneurs understand that all businesses must develop a mobile consciousness to succeed.Still not convinced? Check out the following stats for further confirmation: • Over 90% of Americans use smartphones or cellphones• Over 30% use their mobile phones as thei . . . [View Full]
One of the most commonly encountered questions when thinking about converting your garage for a new use is the warmth of the floor. Whether you are choosing to convert your garage into a spacious home office or to convert it into a gym room you have to take into consideration some improvements for your floor. Since the garage has a concrete and uninsulated floor you should focus on making it warmer and more resilient. Furring up the floor with wood and plywood can accomplish both tasks. As a  . . . [View Full]
Computers, mobile phones and tablets have become an essential commodity for your children to have. It makes it possible for you to reach them easily in case of emergencies. Having these gadgets, however, can increase their exposure to threats as the wide access to social media and the internet increases their vulnerability. Easy access to the internet exposes them to sexual predators, cyber bullies and hackers, online blackmail and extortion. As well, the phone makes it easier for your childre . . . [View Full]
Education is necessary for brightening the mind and for the understanding of life and disciplines respectively. But with education, sports also play a vital role in the physical and the mental well-being of a person. Schools and other institutes provision different games for the students which is quite healthy for them. There are many benefits of playing sports or any sort of games. Firstly, they help to increase self-esteem and alertness as well. Secondly, a sport teaches us cooperation, obedi . . . [View Full]
With the increased demands of the landlord insurance in the recent years, we can observe that the insurance brokers are trying to optimise their business properly. The UK landlord can provide you with smooth operational activities while you opt for the landlord insurance. Save Time:  The landlords can save their valuable time by hiring an insurance broker. The landlord insurance broker will obtain quotes from various service providers and will come up with the best suitable pol . . . [View Full]

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