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Deciding the career just after your school is a very important task of your life. The decision may seem crucial if you are confused about your future plans. You need to sort out and find your own option among a wide range of career options available nowadays. Administration or Management: If you want to see yourself in the managerial or administrative level, you might look out for the business administration (BBA) or business management (BBM) courses. Though the management courses are available . . . [View Full]
The weigh-in on the way in to the whey-free way out week was worth its weight in gold. By that we mean the man would wait for more progress as the weight loss was waning. At least he wasn’t gaining. Except in strength and stamina. In other words: pounds didn’t go. A plateau. Happens to the best. A temporary rest. That’s not the point of the “Be Healthy Challenge”; certainly not the main point. He and his lovely bride Anne are into a groove of carefully eating for fuel, challenging . . . [View Full]
Week 4 of the Be Healthy Challenge ends this week.  I already feel a big difference - from eating better, to drinking more water and best of all, sleeping better at night.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of the challenge.  Thank you to my sponsor - USA Baby store.   I look forward to meeting you next week.    The best thing about this challenge is the people I have met.  The ladies on my team Danette Cravens, Shelly Youngstead, Anne Baum and Terah Akerd are so supporti . . . [View Full]
I am amazed at the generosity of the companies and people that are sponsoring this Be Healthy Challenge.  It just shows how many people are committed to the healthy lifestyle and supportive of others embarking on this healthy living journey.  Dr. Yost is our team's sponsor.  He is an incredible dentist in Cool Springs.  Go visit and support his practice.  Thank you to our following sponsors!!  Without you and your support, none of this would be possible.    http://www.yostdentalgroup.c . . . [View Full]
You have them… you know you do. SKINNY JEANS! The jeans neatly folded (in the bottom drawer of your dresser/closet) under your now fitting jeans. If I had a nickel for every time I have tried them on and not have ‘em fit! Ugh!!! Guess what...THEY FIT!!! Yep got that zipper up and I wore them all weekend!!! This denim-feat was not accomplished because I starved myself, took diet pills or any of the other short-cuts available now to lose 15# in 30 days. Those of you reading this Blog know how . . . [View Full]
My team consists of 7 women. This includes our trainer Sarah Blankenship Thomas I like working out with a group and participating in a "challenge". The initial motivation was to lose weight through regular exercise and healthy eating. It is still the long range motivator. Reaching that goal requires many daily challenges. I have been more successful meeting those challenges since  I have to answer to my team mates at the end of the week by revealing my points and . . . [View Full]
    This week I find myself filled with gratitude for the generosity of the amazing companies that have made the Be Healthy Journey possible.  They have truly gone about the business of doing good to everyone who is a part of this challenge, and the ripple effects will be felt throughout the community as the many team members post, share, and inspire others to start their own journeys to improved health and wellness.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to these amazing companies:     . . . [View Full]
Just met our sponsor last night, Dr Yost.  He is a very sweet man, and from what I hear he is an amazing dentist. I am very grateful that he has chosen to sponsor our Longview team.  I am also thankful for the other sponsors, Mountain High Outfitters, Brentwood Homepage, and Elements Massage, as well as many others.  Dr. Yost has kindly accepted the challenge to come out and go through a workout with us, I hope he has good shoes! :) . . . [View Full]
SO most of our team got to meet our sponsor this week. Dr. Yost from Yost Dental Group in Cool Springs. I heard great things about him and I'm so excited for him to come and work out with us. He might be surprised to find out how sassy we can be working out. Ha! Thanks to all of our Title sponsors for giving us this awesome opportunity to Get Healthy.
I just want to brag on my sponsors this week. Week 4 is halfway over. Three and a half weeks done and I am down 8 lbs and my muscle has increased. My eating habits have changed drastically. My motivation to keep going has not dwindled because of the consistency I have with my team and coaches. This is only possible because of all the sponsors and volunteers of their time, space, and expertise. This Be Healthy Challenge is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Shout outs: (cl . . . [View Full]
Founded in 2002 by Beau K. Brothers, Sitters Etc. has been providing uniquely compassionate care services for the elderly for 13 years. The company was created by Brothers after he saw the need for much a better, organized and compassionate approach to care for seniors. Brothers became enlightened after he and other family members cared for his ailing grandmother in her late years. After years of perfecting his system, and 11 locations already on board, Sitters, Etc. is poised for a new name th . . . [View Full]
This week has been one big ol' ball of STRESS! Some good, some bad, but all stressful nonetheless. I crave bad, comfort foods when I'm stressed, especially sugar. So that even adds to the stress when I'm trying to cut out most sugar from my diet. It's hard to stay on the right path. I must be doing something right, however. I've lost weight this week so the scale, at least, is agreeing with me. I've been anxiously awaiting my workouts at the MFY so I can work out some of this stress. I'm than . . . [View Full]
Now being into week 4, I am started to see changes.  I am learning that writing down what I eat and my exercise keeps me within range of what I need to do each day.  Seeing is believing.  If My Fitness Pal  tells me I have only 100 calories to go, I know if I want to eat more than I have to find another exercise to do.  Lately, I have had 300 to 400 calories left for the day because of the extra exercise that I have been doing. Water has become my new drink.  I drank a lot of it before but . . . [View Full]

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