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If you are planning a career in the healthcare industry, there are numerous options to pursue, each with a great financial upside. This doesn't just include being a doctor or a nurse; there are other options for people who want to work in a high demand job, but without interaction directly with patients. Here are a few of the best careers in the healthcare industry. 1. Dentist According to US News, dentistry is the top rated health care job in the country because of its high demand, top sala . . . [View Full]
We will keep on one day at a time and continue to remember what a difference 12 weeks or 3 months can make in the lives; mentally, spiritually and physically of self and others!   Keep up the strong pattern -  60 a day keeps pills away!!   Great thanks to Marla Richarson, Realtor.  I appreciate your backing and belief!  . . . [View Full]
Week 12!  Whoo hoo!   I have to address what I feel has been an elephant on my back.   I had such a fabulous experience last year with the Be Healthy Challenge, but shortly after the challenge ended in May, life happened.  We had our 5th Ravenwood graduate along with parties and family, We sold our home after 2 years of being on the market, (with all credit going to the lovely Tari Herman , wife of Doug Herman of Legend Homes), We downsized and moved to a much smaller home and did so th . . . [View Full]
Hello Folks,     This is week #12, final week of our Be Healthy Challenge. I can't believe that I not only survived these 12 week, but made significant improvements to my overall health. Let me just look back and try to remember when I started and where I am today. After my knee surgery in 2007, I was not that active. I hated to do anything physical as my knee would start bothering me. So i always took on activities that were easy for my knees. That means not much physical movement not s . . . [View Full]
Wow is all I can say about the last 12 weeks. The Be Healthy Challenge has become the beginning of a new chapter in my life. A chapter that has presented many ups and downs already. I have had many fulfilling achievements and many strengthening challenges already. However, it's not the challenges and achievements that shape a person it is the attitude that they have while enduring the challenges and the humbleness that they display while earning achievements. I chose to take on the challenges wi . . . [View Full]
As hard as it is to believe that this Be Healthy Challenge is over, it is! But, this is only one piece of my puzzle. While I love the Be Healthy Challenge, the twelve week competition, the wonderful people that I have done nearly 50 intense, heart-pounding workouts with, the additional things I have learned about being healthy, the new habits I have journey will continue. I have made life changes. So, what's next for me? I will continue the ways that I eat and workout. I want t . . . [View Full]
I am so thankful for the Franklin Home Page, Mountain High Outfitters, Swiftwick, and Chadwicks along with Jason Huck and Renee Yarbrough.  What a great journey this has been!  Some days I would get discouraged, feel stretched, not sure I would complete - but I kept telling myself "you did not get out of shape over night nor will you get in shape overnight".  I am so thankful for the structure of the Be Healthy Challenge to help create new habits.   I have truly enjoyed the friends that I h . . . [View Full]
    This season of the Be Healthy Challenge, I have been an open book in my blogs. Now it is time to share the next chapter. And it’s definitely not “The End”. Today my husband and I hiked our usual trail at Radnor Lake- Ganier Ridge which is up and over the mountain. We hiked it almost 10 minutes faster than ever before. We could never get past that elusive one hour. But today was the day! Simply amazing to feel so healthy in this body. When I started in 2013, I was stuck in grief  . . . [View Full]
  WOO HOO! What a way to spend my last day on the “Be Healthy Challenge”.   Working on my Wills and sorting receipts for my tax audit. But you know, it is kind of fitting… two of my biggest fears. Through this journey, I learned ways to cope to meet my biggest fears head on!! I used to fear, no, dread, no absolutely despise the dreaded scale. To me, that humiliating number that glared back at me was failure. To add insult to injury, the doctor would always tell me my BMI and Body Fat . . . [View Full]
  Big news on Friday!  My cholesterol has improved by 49 points!  This is my game changer thanks to Jefferson's Restaurant in Brentwood for believing in me and supporting me and the entire 2014 Be Healthy Challenge!  Shots, ETC measured my BMI with a cool electronic tool, took my measurements, and checked my blood cholesterol.  I couldn't believe my cholesterol!  I'm thrilled!  I had seriously chalked my high cholesterol up to heredity!  Boy, was I wrong!  12 weeks of  Brentwood  . . . [View Full]

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