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plateau |plaˈtō|

verb ( -teaus, -teaued, -teauing) [ intrans. ]
reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress : Tanya Capelings' weight has plateaued.

I swear this is straight out of the Webster's Dictionary.  I was wondering what was wrong with me.  The scale hasn't changed, but I am still working out and playing more tennis than usual.  The number on the scale should motivate me , not make me want to hide from my trainers.  I feel like I've wasted three weeks of my precious time with my team. 

I believe the main reason for my plateau is nutrition.  I have done an okay job of staying in my calorie goal, but I think I need to lower that even further now that my body is use to this routine.  I need to manually start it once again.  This means less of the things I love and have not wanted to give up, like wine and diet coke with regular cherry syrup.  I have become complacent with myself.  I was losing weight without changing some of my eating habits and was satisfied with that.

Well I'm not satisfied any longer!  I have worked too hard to get this far to not go all out and take off several more pounds.  I will change how I am eating, I will cut those calories further and I will treat myself after I reach those goals, not before, not during, but AFTER!  It's time to get tough on myself.  I can do it, just watch the incredible shrinking woman at work!

I can't say thinak you enough to Skin RN, Maryland Farms YMCA or the BHP for giving me this opportunity!



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I'll slap you in the face if you slap me? (figuratively speaking, of course)
Monday April 23, 2012 12:00 am
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